BOB BELLERUE : Rainbow Luthiers of the Dusk

Rainbow Luthiers of the Dusk

City of angels native son and maker of noise Bob Bellerue has transplanted his noise culture to Eastern shores and now traverses Brooklyn blocks. He performs solo, works as a duo with Raven Chacon as KILT, and collaborates far and wide including projects with Telecult Powers, Tecumseh, Francisco Meirino and Smegma.

Leaving an indelible mark on the Los Angeles scene through his music and by founding the performance space Il Corral, he encouraged experimental musicians by providing a safe haven for their atypical endeavors.


This track is built around a core Supercollider patch which Bob has been elaborating upon since 2001, along with 4 guitar pedals, a tube mic pre-amp, hollow body guitar, 14" spring reverb, loose guitar pickup, 2 radios, AM radio transmitter, 2 mixers, and 2 guitar cabinets.

"As a composer and performer, I'm less interested in a predictable journey through notated and pre-known paths of sound; I have my plans, but I'm more motivated by the slimmest sense I can achieve of rediscovering the material in the moment of sound making. Some times this comes from sudden changes of knob twiddling, or arranging my equipment in a slightly different way than I normally do, or listening from the other side of the room. External forces can be incorporated, accepted as part of the cosmos that is the sound. It may be more of a "sound happening" than a composition - setting up a situation with captured energy and seeing where it goes when you let it loose, more energy focused on listening to what is happening in the moment, rather than spewing my pre-digested masterpiece over a deaf, dumb and dead world. I'm not always a bombast, but I do have a morbid compulsion towards activating the gut through energy, and that is one way to activate my higher capacities as they say, or, the way to my heart is through oscillating my innards. I don't generally work via compositional theories, but poetic / revolutionary ones - be yourself, keep it radical, don't wait for anyone's permission, do things the wrong way, listen to what is outside of your object(ive), don't follow every idea until they return twice or more to you, change the envelope, bring half your gear and make something happen, paraphrase the same Cage quote as often as possible ("a mistake is merely an inability to keep up with the present moment"), practice, improvise, mix it up, be brave and righteous, set your world on fire. Like I said, I have my plans, but I am often pouring piss and vinegar on them, and charring them in the fire of experience." -B.B.