e M B A R K E R

is the project of Michael Roy Barker.

eMBARKER burns electronic waveforms
that splinter like porcupines rolled out by a steamroller.
Circuits in collision,
improvisations for post-ADHD living.

Sound-tracked video lives from the lost and found.
Audio obsessions. Experiments and interactions with found media.
Rewound and repurposed audioscapes that disassemble and challenge mainstream media identities. Frenetic offerings to alternative paths of thought and action.

Movements on the fractured table via live electronic interface.
>sweat >sparks >sound.
Modular synths, radical routing and vox processing.
Clamped strings and black boxes
> bent/retooled.

Multiples and mutations gathered to form a monophonic signal.
A singular voice.

I α

I β


eMBARKER has released a CD of found answering machine tapes on Heresee Records and a compilation of found video on Sendhelp.

s h o u t o u t s ! S h a r k s W i t h W i n g s ! W e t C e m e n t !
T h e G e o r g e S t e e l t o e E n s e m b l e !