JON RA > hi_rez mix

Rising to cross the sky, native son Jonathan Ray aka JON RA applies sound knowledge with resolute vision. Growing from the same desert root as his brother 13pieces aka artist Justin Ray, they represent crates of creativity and floods of knowledge from Laguna Pueblo.
With cinemagraphic DJ skills JON RA throws down rotations.
Mixing light, air and clay into slabs of movement.
Arcs across the sky, crossing continents with thought.

1) 13pieces - they got the wrong kind of bars in jail - Terrified Skies [tabletop sound]
2) Roy Ayers - We Live In Brooklyn, Baby - Soul Essentials: The Best of Roy Ayers [polydor]
3) Odetta - Hit or Miss [slurped 7"]
4) Kid Koala - Music for Morning People - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [ninja tune]
5) Can - Mushroom - Tago Mago [united artists]
6) DJ CAM from Mad Blunted Jazz [shadow]
7) Kenneth Bager {feat Gisli} - Fragment Zero?.And I Kept Dubbin - from Gilles Peterson presents Brownswood Bubblers Three [brownswood]
8) The Orb - little fluffy clouds (cumulonimbus mix) [polygram]
9) Gold Panda - Forest Swords 1am Hotel Room Redraw - Marraige [notown]
10) DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like? (DJ Die remix) [mo wax]
11) Roni Size - U2-MOFO (Mother's Mix)

1) 13pieces - ram. say - Terrified Skies [tabletop sound]
2) Codona - Mumakata - Codona [ecm]
3) Four Tet - And they all look broken hearted - Rounds [domino]
4) Flying Lotus - Clock Catcher/Pickled - Cosmogramma [warp]
5) electro dub dub >>
6) Amon Tobin [ninja tune]
7) Mr. Scruff - Fish - Keep it Unreal [ninja tune]
8) funk ee gee taa : strut n cut >>
9) EPMD - You Got To Chill (rapapella version) [fresh records]
10) Sunny organ instrumental version {bobby hebb}

1) Falty DL - Regret - BACK AND 4TH [hotflush]
2) DJ CAM from Mad Blunted Jazz [shadow]
3) George Fitzgerald - We Bilateral - BACK AND 4TH [hotflush]
4) Justin Ray {reason mix} [tabletop sound]
5) Timeblind - Desperado Move - Colapsus [sound/Ink]

"The dirt is in the funk" -James Jamerson

s h o u t o u t s ! L a g u n a P u e b l o, T a b l e t o p S o u n d,
D U B D U B c r e w !