txt fst [elephant]



Kurt Gottschalk and Tamara Yadao create mid-air palindromes with guitars and speaking voices. Theirs is a geometry of oratory where words and meaning are of slippery significances only as important as the listener wants them to be.

a Book [txt: Gertrude Stein]
b The Days Are Getting Longer Again [txt: KG]

c Lorem Ipsum [txt: found / TY]
d The Language Didn't Ask [txt: KG]


6 Coincidences [txt: KG/TY]

Health Food Dynamics [txt: found]

a Can Hear Something But Not Make Out the Song / And In
[txt: found]
b Military Phoenetic Alphabet [txt: found]

c Anthrax [txt: Allen / Burnham / Gill / King]


all music = rahrahree!
rahrahree! = Kurt Gottschalk [voice (right), guitar (left)]
+ Tamara Yadao [voice (left), guitar (right)]

This is rahrahree!’s fourth performance. Yadao and Gottschalk are also the curators of txt fst.

S H O U T O U T !
Thanks to Andrew Beccone and the Reanimation Library for yr open source cross-reference desk and providing overnight horse and stable!