brownout : 2 X 3

Lights a-flicker and tracks a-shudder.

*** *** ***
brownout is self described by one Rick Brown as "a caveman with a tambourine and a sinewave generator."

A reinvention of songforms and chain reactions via repurposed electronics, solo vox and inserted hand/street percussion. Through these pared down songs we witness a strong challenge to the media production values of channel G100Z big bad band sound, inc.

Distressing NYC grid structures since V-Effect no wave days, Rick continues to snap switches and such under dim lights with forward thinking projects Rattle, Two Mule Team and Inconvenient Music.

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brownout: Interpretations 3

They Can't Get It {v-effect}

It'll Never Happen Again {hardin}

Mark E. Smith & Brix {manning}

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brownout: Improvisations 3

> tapemachine1

> tapemachine2

> crickets

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Third Thursday Presents:
JUNE 17, 2010 7pm
City Reliquary