Cassette-jockey and noise auteur G. Lucas Crane unspools hidden sounds from analog-based archeologies. Winding down from touring and making noise at SXSW, his calloused fingers prove that man/machine evolution is an ongoing process.

Paul Haney from Obsolete Units returns with his bag of tricks, captures the four winds and initiates the worshippers of rust with rare earth magnets.


in) Phroq from Half Asleep Music [entr'acte]

OBSOLETE UNITS : dj set 1>
a) Idea Fire Company - The Island Of Taste - The Island Of Taste [swill radio]
b) Blood Stereo - Tapes no. 1 - Enfold The Hiss [chocolate monk]
c) Andy Borsz - side a - Metal Mirror [cryptic carousel]
d) Hells Hills - Under the Arcade - The Pearled Ether [wodger]

G. LUCAS CRANE vs. NONHORSE : first battle

OBSOLETE UNITS : dj set two>
h) Work/Death - Gull Deep Inland (Gordon Overlooking The Atlantic) - Contained In Proper Place Names [monorail trespassing]
i) Opponents - track 5 - I Swarm With A Thousand Bees [obsolete units]
j) Family Treasures - Earth Pile - Black Totality - [temple of pei]
k) 16 Bitch Pile-Up - Untitled - Live At Skylab - [little miracles]
l) Rust Worship - Shea Stadium - Informalities - [obsolete units]
m) Charalambides - side a {excerpt} - Rose/Thorn [klang industries]

G. LUCAS CRANE vs. NONHORSE : second battle